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My girlfriend and I have sex on average of 1 to 2 times per week.  I always use a condom and she is on a birth control pill.  A couple of times, however, the condom has broke while inside her.  In these situations, I've immediately pulled out, although pre-ejaculate was almost definitely present.  Recently, her appetite has dropped and she's had increased amounts of headaches.  She's also complained about hip pain.  She attributes these things to her beginning a stressful new college course load that requires her to stand for long amounts of time.  These changes have worried us both, but we are also both prone to paranoia.  Do these symptoms sound like pregnancy? (she has always had irregular periods due to possible endometriosis and her birth control...she never has full periods, just frequent spotting throughout the month) (P.S.  I understand a pregnancy test is the only "close-to" sure way to tell, but I'm just wondering.)



Due to you both using EXCELLENT birth control measures, I can GUARANTEE you that she is NOT pregnant! Endometriosis is a VERY painful condition that affects ALL aspects of a woman's life! I am surprised she doesn't experience pain, during intercourse, actually! And stress can weaken the immune system and affect her level of pain from the endometriosis. Did her doctor put her on BCP for the endometriosis? And also has she seen an improvement of her symptoms while on the pill!? I would think that she should be followed more closely due to her pain, and irregular periods! They need to watch about the tissues expanding into different areas etc.!

Also even though you are both VERY intelligent for using both forms of contraception. May I just suggest that you pull out when it's time to ejaculate and do so into the condom! This way there will be ZERO chance of pregnancy!

Hope this helps and let her know so she can relax a bit!