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Hello, I am a 20 year old woman. My boyfriend and I fooled around 2 days after my last period, and by fooling around I mean literally less than a minute of genital contact between us; he was no where close to penetrating me, he did not even ejaculate prior to this- there was pre-cum but he peed before and whatever sperm in there would've been flushed out. Right now I'm 3 days before my period and I've experienced one time spotting; it was a small amount of brownish discharge. Yesterday I masterbated twice and I've been very stressed with school- all logic is telling me there's an extremely low chance I'd be pregnant but I wanted to hear from someone else?


I don't think you'd have anything to be worried about. If he was no where penetration, I doubt one of his boys did a "Michael Phelps"! Your stress level could also be the reason your flow is altered. Our cycles are based on hormonal changes within us and you could be making it a little worse by worrying yourself sick.