I had my period last month April 26-30. Typically, my cycles are 28-29 days long. It’s day 31 and I have not received my period yet. I have had cycles before that have lasted me 32 days, and this month was a bit hectic due to school and graduation - so I admit there was some stress 

I had unprotected sex on May 19. He pulled out a long time before anything dangerous could have happened and he peed beforehand. It was cycle day 24 so it was way past my ovulation day. Before that day, earlier in the month we fooled around but he washed his hands of his “fluids” before fingering me we always try to be extremely cautious whenever we fool around without protection. 

Yesterday I went to the doctors office and took a urine test for pregnancy because after all of this I wanted to be on oral birth control. It resulted as negative and now I have birth control pills to take. However, my period STILL has not come. 

I do admit there were a few days last month that I stayed up and woke up much later than I’m used to now that I’m out of school, and not on a schedule. There’s been a little stress, but nothing crazy  

I’ve had small headaches and very light cramps. No nauseousness, no frequent trips to the bathroom, no sore boobs, and no eating for two. 

I wanted some lady advice if any other women have experienced this before. Thank you