I (the male) had sex with my girlfriend with a condom and finished inside the condom. I then peed a little while after and then about an hour later we had unprotected sex, but I did not finish inside her.

Now I know the peeing will have flushed the remaining sperm from the first time so that pre-cum is an extremely low risk of pregnancy. My worry is that after finishing the condom there may have been semen/sperm on the sides of my penis from where it had (apologies for graphic image) spread around inside the condom.

We're both healthy young adults (19 and 21) incase that changes anything.

My question is could sperm/semen from finishing in a condom then be a problem later in unprotected sex. I.E is there a chance my girlfriend is pregnant after the situation I described.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.