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My girlfriend recently started ortho tri cyclen lo this past month. Since she started it we have had unprotected sex. She is on the 21 day dosage with the 7 sugar pills, and she should be getting her period some time this week. The last time we had sex we noticed a light brown thick discharge coming from her vagina. I've done some research on-line and have found a number of different results from infection to pregnancy. Some websites say that the birth control could also be causing this dishcharge. Does anyone know if this is just pre-signs of her period or could she possibly be pregnant. I'm worried about her and want her to go and see a physician if this is something that isn't normal.


i have a problem close to that.i had my period june 9 lasted for 5days then 3days later i had another period.. i had no period the next month i had 3tests and came negative.. uts now augst n have tender breast.. i missed my period last month what does it mean???

i knw this post is like two months old bt pleaseHELP ME