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This past weekend I was skiing, Sunday I was in the shower and noticed a small dime-sized bruise on right testicle with mild discomfort. I don't recall any pain or instance that could have coaused this. Throughout the next couple days, I noticed the bruise was growing in size. It is now about the size of a .50 piece and gives me mild discomfort/pain like I have been kicked in the groin. I am a 30-year old, healthy and active, married male. Any ideas would be great, this is kind of freaking me out. Thanks!


Hello! There is probably nothing much to fuss about as many bruises appear spontaneously. Well, it may seem to us that it was spontaneously as we may have bumped ourselves and didn’t even notice or felt. Bruises are not uncommon on places
like testicles or vulva.
Any trauma could cause a bruise, even a stronger grip could. Men who wear boxers and have no support for the scrotums and testicles and go in for sports are likely to experience bruising.

Bruises appear on loose skin parts and can be extensive where there are capillaries and veins that may rupture and enable blood to escape in the tissues.

It should disappear in a week or so but if you notice any other changes, pain becomes worrisome and you can’t put your mind at rest, you should see a doc and have it checked.