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I found a lump in my right side testicle almost 2 years ago,( i wasnt having any pain) . I went to see doctor about it, doctor checked it & told me as long its not growing then it will be fine, but this few days i am having a pain underneath my lump on right testicle( but the size of the lump are same- nothing have changed) so i wondering wat it could be....
if anybody have some thoughts please reply.


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What I have learned by now is that if it’s painful it is not cancer. If that is of any consolation.

However, there are conditions that cause painful lumps in scrotums.

There are usually some bumps at the back of the testicles that are normal. They represent epidimis, which is a tube that stores sperm. It is lumpy and these lumps can be felt. However, if everything is in order, they don’t cause any discomfort.
If there is an infection of the epididymis called epididymitis, then there could be some pain and swelling.

There are also a couple of other scrotal masses that could have caused lumps and pain. These are varicocele, hydrocele ( fluid in the scrotum), hematocele( blood in the scrotum) and spermatocele.

I suggest you have that checked once again.