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i week ago i got a pain near my left testicle, like around my penis, on the left side. at the beginning it didn't bother me or nothing. it was just annoying but now it starts to bother me and 2 days ago i noticed that my left testicle is smaller than the right one and i'm really worried because i can't remember if i had it like that before. when i went to see my doctor i told him about the pain and he said it could be just a muscle but i feel like is not a muscle. can anyone tell how are testicles suppose to look like since i feel ashamed to go my doctor and ask her that.


You don't share your age, so I assume you're a fairly young man.
It's good that you went to a doctor and were examined. He's told you he thinks it's just a muscle, but you disagree.
You also state that you're ashamed to go to your doctor and ask HER, so I'm a little confused how many doctors are involved.

First, all men's testicles hang at different levels. At various times, in different heats, they will raise or lower and appear "uneven". This is normal. You may also find that at times the scrotal skin is loose and baggy, making you think a testicle is smaller than before. Other times the scrotum is puckered and round, especially when it's cold out or in the pool.

Second, The level of the testicle IS controlled by a cremastory muscle... which we have no control over. It is possible to have a testicle twisted, or sore from either being pulled up too tight or being restricted from moving. This MAY be what the doctor meant.

It is GOOD that you are doing self-examinations. The more that you observe about how your genitals look and react, the better baseline you will have in later life to recognize when something changes. Example: You'd know if your testicle is smaller or not. Most testicles are about the same size and weight. However, they will never be perfectly equal. So unless you have a great difference in size, an obvious one, I wouldn't worry.

Hope this helps.