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I went to a chiropractor who placed 3-6 snapping devices and I was never told about the devices that clicked to adjust, I suppose they are called adjusters, afterwards I was told to go home lay down, I noticed my feet had no feeling, I felt like my feet and arches were walking on a different surface not the floor I can in to the office walking on some 45 minutes earlier, tingling in hips and hurting. Next morning I am screaming in pain, I can not walk, pain shooting down lower back to end of tailbone, across my hips and in hip joint running through groin, I could not sit, use restroom, I could not walk, I screamed. An old farm girl, horse riding person , I am 60 now, here in this pain, who never cried before ...I screamed. I was placed in the back seat to lay on one hip and talken to a pain center, who promptly fitted me with a 10 unit which hurt more, Next off to U of Washington, Barnes Jewish St. Louis Orthopedic and bone, Exrays taken, I could not lay down they were standing, they said nothing showed of significance, later said L 4 or L5, I could not sit in wheel chair to leave had to walk I could not walk scream cried, to get out of building, ride the elevator go to car, I begged for pain relief , no had to go to pharmacy....90 minutes away. I was in bed 4 weeks at home, they called periodically checked on arthritic med, pain relief and muscle relax. No MRI.

Now I have a big big lump on my right hip where hip joint and leg joins as large as a apple. they lose interest in the bulging disk, back area still killing me in pain, and they run a MRI on right hip and say no cancer aren't you lucky. I look at them, as if they are poorly educated as cancer is slow growing over a year/s. Not in a short time of this problem. Now I have lump on hip and it hurts can't bump it, it is as large as small apple. They insist therapy will work, I was given a huge stretching band to place on knees move/squeeze in and out, I dont have that problem, but they grin it will help with other problems....oh....a huge too hot microwave pad placed under my hip, it is hard too hot and raised 3 inches above the hard bench they insist I lay for 45 minutes on roast. I can not move it hurts so badly. I am to leave and come back every other day....what goes here? I am losing interest in this really fast. My insurance pays minimal, I am swamped with bills, no advice, .....I wanted a bone scan to show fine cracks and breaks....can not get the doctor to off I go for another MRI to pay for....after they pronounce it is a bulging disk L4 and L5...then what I have a title and nothing else???

I think problems with non listening skills are problematic in the medical world. What about the setting level on those adjusters, can they be set incorrectly to cause this problem? I never had this type of chiro practic adjustment before, shouldn't a Chiropractor ask and visit with patient and advice prior to doing anything? No exray nothing, I went in thinking I was to get a slight adjustment for neck shoulders I got this. Anyone having a lump and can/t walk on concrete, uneven ground, or walk distance, I can not do the things I did before, can not bend, and lose balance if a sllight push backwards.

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you should go to the doctor and ask to have a xray or mri. i had lower back pain for 2 years and they found out a bone was broken twice i now cant walk on my right leg and i get really bad pain.

go get this checked out by a doctor. it could be something very serious