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I've been having problems with my walking, specificaly in my right hip and leg. And distance (like shopping), and a dull ache sets in my hip, goes all the way to my ankle. I have to stop for 15 or 20 seconds. to regain the strength to move on.

I had CT scans of back and hip (no problem with the hip on the scan), and more recently a CT Mylogram of the lower back. I have 4 bulging disks in the lower lumbar region, and the radiologist suggests that two of these are pinching some nerves that go to my hip and leg on the right side. I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks to get the actual findings and discuss oprions.

SO what are my options? If I opt for conservative treatment vs. surgery, will this problem go away after time as the disks disintegrate? Funny, as i have always had low back pain from time to time over my 54 years of life, right now I have very little to no back pain at all!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


It sounds like a classic disk problem. Also the problem is under the class of what is called a spinal canal stenosis, which is narrowing or the spinal canal. ( for what ever reason) The need to stop and rest can be because blood supply is inhibitied or the squashed nerves causes them to lose function over time. The nerve does not sound like it is pinched. IF it was you would have extreme sharp pain shooting down the leg with near to no muscle function. Generally with stenosis bending forward incresases the diameter of the spinal canal so give it a try when resting. could help.

In general at your age of 54, this problem would be associated with what is called degenerative joint disease (DJD) which is narrower disks and decreased movement at the joint.
As for treatment the surgical option is extreme. Normally by the time of 60 plus the disk hardens and loses its soft interior which fuses over and lessens your need for a surgical option. Conservative treatment is a very possible option, most likely cheaper. i would say your best bet is to investigate finding a chiropractor who could help you with a range or treatment modalities. Make sure that if you do find one he offers treatments of soft tissue, adjustments, exercises, lifestyle changes and most important that he educates you on the stuff i was talking about. This condition will result is a change in life style so make sure you like the chiropractor, don't settle for second best. Consevative treatment will involve regular check ups. Don't be fooled tho once a chiropractor has helped you deal with the initial pain to a managable level. Just see him when you feel it is most beneficial to you. There is no proof in scientific papers that a chiropractor can tell you when you need your 'wellness' check ups. Oesteopath can do simular things. physio's won't be your best option as the problem in neural in nature. ( not their strenght) hope that helps.