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Ive noticed bumbs that look like swollen taste buds on the back of my tongue, and im freaking out!! I am a smoker and have been for about 10 years. Im only 26 years old and im scared to the point of loosing sleep, cold sweats etc. That its oral cancer or tongue cancer. I also have a white film on my tongue. Like i said im really worried and im to scared to go to a doctor in case its something worse than it is can anyone help?


Hello guinness87,

I know it's easy to get extremely scared when you search and look through symptoms online - it always seems like it's the worst possible condition, when in fact, it most likely is some far far more benign condition.

Like in your post - you're terrified that you have mouth or throat cancer, but chances are far bigger that you simply have yeast infection of the mouth. Typical sigh of yeast infection is developing white/ yellowish coat on your tongue, together with swollen taste buds and changed taste, in general.

So, what I'd recommend you is to see your physician and get a prescription for anti-fungal medication that's used for mouth infections, or if you're having problems with money or insurance, you can ask for over-the-counter yeast infection medication - even though it would be best that professional takes a look to confirm what is going on,

Wish you all the best,