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for the past month I have been noticing that I can no longer eat spicy or salty foods without it burning. I looked at my tongue and the taste buds are extremely large... what should I do?


I suggest you cut out salty or spicy foods for a little while. See a doctor to make sure you don't have an infection or anything.

If everything checks out, drink a tea called Throat Comfort or Throat Coat. Your local health food store should have either one. These teas contain ingredients that repair tissue in the digestive system, including your tongue, so it should definitely help after a little while. See how it goes after about two weeks.

Please keep in mind, both of those teas include licorice root. It's an extremely healing herb to the digestive system; however, it can raise your blood pressure and cause you to retain water in your kidneys. (If you have high blood pressure, take DGL with every meal instead.) Switch off drinking the tea with taking a teaspoon of honey after a meal. Make sure the honey is 100% raw, local honey. You can also get that at your local health food store. Tupelo honey is best.