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I notice a bump on the back of my tongue three days ago. Now is beginning to bother me, and has gotten a bit larger. It feels as if I have a hair ball in the back of my throat, and feels strange when I cough or swollow. I had a sinus infection three weeks prior and dc my antiobotic treatment. Previous histroy of thyroid tumor being. I have searched the web for possiblities, but the one that keeps popping up I dont like ( cancer, std?, lymph nodes, ect....)



I think that occurrence of bumps on back of your tongue in many cases is normal but if the bump is persistent then it is caused by some sort of an infection in your mouth.  Have you had any issues with sinus infections? I know if you have chronic sinus infection you may notice bumps on back of your tongue. Have you had any problems with your taste buds? Do you notice if the food tastes strange when you have these bumps on back of your tongue? There is a chance that this might even be caused by some allergy and this is just an allergic reaction.

I hope that this was helpful in any way.