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Hallo to all,I would like to ask this: 4 weeks ago and rather suddenly I have to admit, I got a tonsillitis. One afternoon my throat was sore and the next morning I woke up with nose and throat almost totally shut and fever. I went to the doctor and she told me it was my tonsils and gave me antibiotics. In about 4 days the tonsils were back to normal again, but I still felt irritation in swallowing. Then I noticed something else.Looking at the mirror looking for signs of swollen tonsils, this time I found lots of red bumps on my tongue, smaller in the middle and front and bigger ones in the back of the tongue. I went to my doctor and she said that they are my tongues papillae and that it is rather strep or scarlet fever and in that case the throat infection might reappear in a couple of weeks or said that it could also be because I could not eat so much and in combination with the antibiotics it might be normal behavior of the tongue after having an infection in the mouth area. She told me to just mouthwash with chamomile and during the last 2 weeks it started slowly going away. It was not totally gone, but was much much better and I didn't feel it anymore in my throat, although I could still see the bumps.Then yesterday I felt again a sore throat, I woke up with great pain on my throat and difficulty on my breathing and my tongue was also kinda white/yellowish. I went to the doctor of course and she said she doesn't know what it can be, not giving me a certain answer. She run blood exams which will be ready in the morning and I also asked her to make a culture, which she couldn't so I went directly after her to an ENT doctor. The ENT said that she also doesn't know what it could be, said we should wait the blood exams results and gave me also a culture and the results of the culture will be ready on Friday. At the same time all this blocking on my throat from the swollen papillae makes my breathing difficult and it's like a have bronchitis or smith ar a slight asthma fit when I run or run up the stairs.I am going to get the first results tomorrow, I hope they will be fine. However I would really appreciate hearing a second opinion!Thank you very much in advance,xxxo



Hello Helen,

it sounds to me like strep infection that affected your tonsils weakened your immune system to the point where yeast that's normally present in your mouth overgrew and created the white/ yellowish cover on your tongue. But, this will be clearly visible in your test results.

One thing though, since I'm too having major problems with repeating strep infections - I usually know that infection is coming by whitening of my tongue. It clears up when I complete the antibiotics course and so far it didn’t seem like it was caused by yeast infection (antibiotics would only make them grow even more because they kill off the good microorganisms). Either way, your culture test will show what is the cause, so you can get proper treatment,

Wish you all the best,