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Hi- My GYN has put me on birth control to regulate my periods. When I began taking them, my (2 month straight) period finally stopped. Now that I am on the white pills toward the end of the pack, my period is very heavy. After cramping severly a few days ago, I passed a strange looking clot. It was a light red color and had white lines through it and pretty large. I became worried and looked up fibroid tumors on the net. The tumors I saw looked alot like the one I passed. Could it have been possible for me to pass a tumor this way? Again, the cramping was SO BAD. Also, I was burning awful where my ovaries are and I still am occasionally. While seeing my GYN last time I received a PAP exam. I haven't heard any bad news. At least not yet.
My youngest child is 2. Many of my family/friends have told me the clot/lining I passed could have been stuff left over from when I was pregnant with him. Is that possible?
Should this be something to worry about?


i was expiriencing burning during my period and especially when i urinated. sucks. i haven't been to the dr yet because of scheduling issues but to make the pain bearable im taking pamprin max (i took two pills around 2 pm and took another two 4 hours later- the pharmacist told me to)
i feel ok now, no pain. so maybe this is a short term solution until you go to an actual dr (WHICH I ADVISE!)

hope it helps. i know it hurts like a mother