I am in the beginning stages of "something",  and from what I'm reading online since my Dr.'s visit with the symptoms I'm having (burning vag & labia), I'm thinking I have either Vulvadynia or Pudendal neuralgia.  I started feeling something brewing down there about six weeks ago.  Not pain, but a little tinge, almost like a quick weak electro shock (I know, weird) under my right labia when I moved on my chair at work.  Not all the time, but enough that I was conscious of it, and mentioned this to a close co-worker.  This went on for two weeks along with slight burning and uncomfortable sitting.  I went to my primary who just prescribed an antibiotic without even looking down there.  I guess my urine had an "elevated" WBC count.  I got a call from the office that said the urine was negative, stop the antibiotic and go see your gyn.  I called the office back that night cause it got worse and thought if my WBC's were high, how could it not be positive?  I spoke with the Dr. on call and he said it WAS positive and to keep taking the antibiotics.  I decided to go to my Gyn two days later.  She looked at the area, and said there was a white skin looking patch there, and that I had an autoimmune issue. Stop the antibiotics.  She diagnosed me with Vulvitus and prescribed me a steroid cream, and said to take oatmeal baths.  The following day was the worst ever.  I couldn't stay still, I kept walking up and down the hall, around my dining room table because I was in so much pain and discomfort, I wanted to kill myself.  Once again I called the on call Dr, and asked her if I could possibly have Vulvadynia.  She said I have all symptoms of Vulvadynia except for one thing.  My pain came on Acutely vs Chronically.  She told me to get Lotrimin at the pharmacy, and put on with the steroid cream.  When I woke up the next day, it was a 90 degree reduction in pain, until I started to walk and sit.  Since that day it's not nearly as bad, but I realized the more I touched the area with the creams, the more inflamed it got.  I suggested other possible conditions I could have to Dr., because with these symptoms, there are a lot of things this could be.  She saw me once again 4 days later.  She said the white patch was gone, and that in all her years in practice, she's never seen anyone with symptoms like this and with no discharge.  She said it was "strange".  She now diagnosed me with Vulvadynia.  She left me a VM last week saying "were grasping at straws here", but please make an appt to come in for a pelvic transvaginal ultrasound.  I am going today after work.  Not feeling hopeful, and ready to call a specialist who is in NYC.