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The product France Vita Natura promises to help you take off the pounds and inches (or kilos and centimeters) with the help of a specially formulated brand of "bromeline," by which they mean bromelain, a protein-dissolving enzyme found in pineapple. Unfortunately, the claims for weight loss for this product would not be any more believable if they had spelled its principal active ingredient correctly.

Bromelain has some legitimate uses in complementary healing. It interferes with the process the body uses to make inflammatory compounds out of arachidonic acid, a chemical that is particularly abundant in fatty foods. It increases the production of a chemical called kallikrein, which is important in forming blood clots. Stifling the ability of tumors to form blood clots keeps them from forming new blood vessels. This makes bromelain a useful part of some of the few natural therapies that really work in fighting cancer. 

Bromelain is useful in relieving swelling. It is mildly analgesic; it relieves pain. It concentrates glucosamine and chondroitin. But it has no effect on fat.

There are no doubt people who would argue that belly fat tends to produce inflammatory compounds, and, in fact, up to one-third of belly fat consists of the white blood cells that produce them. However, bromelain does not affect those white blood cells. There is pressure on blood vessels in belly fat, and bromelain might help prevent clotting that makes that pressure even worse. However, that action does not remove fat.

Only you can get rid of your excess fat. And you almost certainly have to do that by eating less.

Think about it. You lose fat by burning fat. Where do you burn fat? You burn fat in your muscles. How do your muscles get that fat? Your fat cells have to transform "globs" of fat into "droplets" of fat that can pass through the cell membrane into the bloodstream and travel to the muscles. 

That process doesn't happen if you blood insulin levels are high. High blood insulin levels block the action of the enzyme that changes stored fat from "blobs and globs" into tiny droplets. Your insulin levels go up when you eat high-carbohydrate or sugary foods in large amounts. This means you aren't going to burn fat if you are eating sugar, or lots and lots of bread, potatoes, rice, and similar foods.

Even when your fat cells release their fat, it doesn't magically disappear. They have to burn it. They don't burn fat unless they don't have sugar. This means that even if you are eating less, your muscles won't burn fat unless you cut out sugar. Then when you do get around to exercising, you burn fat by slow and steady exercise, for at least a couple of hours at a time, not by fast, short sessions of exercise. (There is a role for weight lifting in weight loss, but getting rid of fat isn't it.) If you knock yourself out by working out just as hard as you can, your body releases stress hormones that signal your liver that it is time to release sugar.

There are very few pills that actually help anyone at all lose weight, and there are no products that help everyone lose weight. Garcinia cambogia helps you lose weight even if you have trouble cutting out sugar. Hydroxycitric acid helps, too, as does green tea extract, providing (1) you get a product that includes some caffeine but you don't (2) cancel out the effects of that small amount of caffeine with more than two cups of coffee or two sodas a day.

This product won't work. I urge you to return it and get your money back.

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