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My bladder and prostrate have both been removed 4 years ago and i have a urostomy bag that collects the urine.  I had shingles 3 months age after that i started have burning pain in my penis just like i have to urinate, but as i said i have a urostomy bag for the urine. I've had ct scan, pet scan, ultrasound, colonoscpy and ultrasound of my colon all of which has come out negative for anything. Which I am grateful for, but this burning pain is the worst feeling in the world, like you have to urinate but can't. Please help me figure this out?

Thank you, Mike 


Hello Mike,

did you have your urethra swabbed, so the lab can check if you picked up yeast or similar infection? It sounds like an urinary tract infection, but since it's only limited to your urethra, I think it would be best if you had the swab and analysis done to check for presence of candida (most common cause of yeast infections) or bacteria that causes urinary tract infection.

Another thing as well - if you have time, I've noticed this post from a man in situation similar to yours, so maybe you two can help each other - check the topic here:

Wish you all the best,