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For the past 2 days, i have experienced a slight burning sensation after i pee. the pain seems to be coming from the area where the "head" meets the "body" of the penis on the underside. It happened when i woke up. now, for a little background.

the night before i had masterbated without lubricant. now i usually dont, so i didnt think that it really mattered. i think i was rather vigorous(eh...) and the head hurt kind of bad.

now last week, i had been masterbating in the shower using a liquid soap (bad idea, learned my lesson) and i believe some soap got inside of the hole. i had a little bit of pain whenever i pee'd for that day.

finally, last month, in early july, i had oral sex with a girl. she said that she had never had oral sex before, and since she was only 15, i believed her. quite frankly, i still do. but you never know what she could have contracted. i believe it was about 30 days ago that it happened.

after all this sh*t had been happening in the past 2 days, i decided to do a little research on the internet. after researching STD's, i had my eyes set on clamidia. it seems like its the only possible STD that i could possibly have. but, i have had no discharge of any sort and it doesn't burn when i pee, only afterwords.

i looked up urinary tract infection next. but again, no pain during urination.

not to sound like a freak, but i masterbated tonight to see if i got any pain from that, but i still got the same post-ejaculation burning.

last info. i'm circumcised. i plan on getting it checked tomorrow, but i'm a little hesitant since they'll probably ask that i take a pee test and since i smoked pot a few nights ago, it'll probably come up and my parents will find out. i feel like i'm getting a little too worried about this, but you never know. it seems like its just bruised and tender, or its irritated down in the hole. but, its better to be safe than sorry, right?

thank you for any help, and i apologize for not using proper terms.



Went to the doctor today. he said it didnt look like i had a UTI. he also checked myself for clamidia but he doesnt think its that either. hes sending in urine to be sampled for clamidia, but in the meantime he gave me a drug to kill bacteria in my penis which might, and most likely is, the cause of the pain.

has anyone else had this same problem?


The doctor is not checking for pot, he's probably looking for bacteria and or blood in the urine. Still, very smart of you to go to the doctor!