July complained of a pain starting mid back should blade moving down are increase pain and numbness in left hand was told pull muscle pain given muscel relaxer and pain med. Pain increase went to ER xray showed c5 and c6 rupture. Refered to Otho was told c5 c6 c7 had surgey to fuse c5 c6 c7 using the norm cadver/ plate. Surgery it self is not painful as one might think with them sliting your throat however did complain of an odd felling as if something moving dangeling in the back of my throat, caughed alot and when move my head would cause gaging after three post op return apts xray was done and the 3rd screw had backed out of the bone and was barely in the plate and was push back intp ,my esphog. I was told they used smaller screws than normal due to my small bones... Went back in to replace screws and plate. Four months latter i still fell a slight felling in the back of my throat and part of my neck in the fron it still numb when i bend over for any lenght of time i gag I was told this is normal and will take up to 6 months to heal . Is this really normal My family Med phys had tried to find another doctor for a second opion and no one will see me what can i do I just need to know if this is something i am going to have to live with or not.