iv'e been to a lot of Dr so the is from my MRI and my neurological surgeon here goes a deep tendon reflexes is somewhat hyperreflexic in the upper extremity except and 2+in lower except left ankle reflex which is zero toes are down going bilaterally sensation is diminished in the left c6,c7 dermotomes and lower extremities in left L3,L4,L5and S1 dermatomes significantly decreased range of motion of the cervical spine small disk herniation the c4-c5 as well as c5-c6,c7on axial T2 images c4-c5,c6-c7loss of csf space anterior to the cord some flattening of the cervical spine L4-L5 disk herniation loss of disk height disk signal at this level, L3-L4,L4-L5 L5-S1 cervical spondyloradiculopathy as well as lumbar degenerate disk disease.to now avail iv'e taking soma, percocet,vicodin,norco, patches, bio ten unit i need to know will i ever be able to work again and what is exactly wrong with my boby please help me understand this thank you