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Ok he it goes. I have a long list of stuff that has been going on. About 2 months ago I went to see my urologist because of testical pain. He did the whole nine yards with me. Checked my testicals did prostate exam etc. He put me on cipro for a month because he thought i had epdydidmitis. As the month went on sometimes my testicals would hurt and sometimes they wouldn't. It didn't seem as if the cipro was helping. I also had some other problems as well. I was urnating a lot had lower abdomena and back pain along with testical pain. It was burning when i urinated. He scheduled an ultrasound which revealed a calcium deposit on my left testicle. I knew I had a bump there but sometimes its painless and i don't know its there and sometimes it hurts my testical so bad its almost debilating. I'm not sure what triggers the pain because it seems it just happens all at once. Sometimes i can touch the deposit and it not hurt at all and sometimes i touch it or it rubs aganist my leg the wrong way and it sends me through the roof. I need some help understanding this. Until this point i couldn't narrow downn my testicular pain to the deposit but now im very confidet thats whats causing it. The dr knows its there and i went to see him yesterday for my check up and i was doing fine yesterday, but yesterday night and this morning its like someone has filpped the pain swithch. Should i just take some advil and go on about my business or should i go back to the dr.
Also some more info. Because of all my symptoms other than testicular pain my dr did a cystoscopy 3 weeks ago under general. During this he found i have a condition called intersticial cystistis(spelling?) or IC. Im taking the only oral medicine made for it called elmiron. I guess my biggest question is do these cysts have flare ups because up until yesterday everything was fine with my testicals and then its like someone flipped the switch. It was that quick. Is there something im doing to aggravate it. I play a lot of golf and always have. I typically play @ times per week and practice almost every day. this is my book and any insight would help me out. by the way im a 24 year old male.


That's a really difficult situation to be in! Most people who are diagnosed with IC are about 10 to 20 years older than you. I can tell you that there's a few things that you do that can aggravate the IC. First, avoid caffeine, foods high in vitamin C, citrus, and carbonated beverages. All of those foods can aggravate symptoms severely. If you're drinking beer, that's out now, unfortunately.

You need to go back to the doctor. That pain does not sound typical but he can help you out. I wish you luck. Please keep us posted on your condition!