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Hello: Six weeks ago I had a colostomy reversal after 11 months having an emergency operation of a perferated bowel from my first chemo treatment for breast cancer.

My question is what does c-diff mean some people talk about? Also how long does it take before the constant trips to the bathroom? (Yesterday with just two boiled eggs was 14 times in just twelve hours.) Is citrusel to bulk causing me to go more? Would fibercon be better? Does sugar play a roll in making the colon to work faster? Thank God I can sleep all night without the need to go. I have so many questions and have searched all sights where someone might be to help me have information on the process of this. Any help would be most appreciated


Hi there. I hope that the constant trips to the bathroom go down for you. I think that part of the culprit could very well be the large amount of fiber that you are taking in right now, because I know that excess fiber taken right away can cause bowel issues. Perhaps you could lower your dosage and gradually introduce more to your diet? Sugar also does play a role so you may want to reduce your intake as well. I hope this helps! Does anyone know about the c-diff?