My mom had colon cancer.  She first had a section of her colon removed and had a colostomy bag.  4 months later she had a second section removed then an Ostomy bag.  She was on the chemo pill and had 5 weeks of radiation.  She is now done with everything and had Ostomy reversal surgery.  The surgeon believes he removed all of the cancer since it was undetectable outside of the colon.  She is now 6 months post surgery.  She is adjusting ok to the frequent bathroom trips.  The main problem is she never feels good.  She has felt good or "normal" just a few days.  She has frequent stomach aches, nausea, etc.  Her surgeon seems unconcerned and says it takes time.  She takes omprazole, dicyclomine (2-3x) and an rx for nausea daily.  Will she ever feel good?  It is making her depressed.  She wants to get out and go do things but she never feels good or good all day.  Will things get better for her?  Should I ask her surgeon for more help?  She is miserable.