I had an emergency bowel resection in 2013.due to a tear possibly from chronic constipation. I was supposed to have it reversed within 5 months but I lost my health insurance. Finally after almost 2 years of fighting I got my insurance back. I went to a surgeon to get my reversal taken care of but he wanted to do a colonoscopy first through my stomach to make sure everything was ok and check lengths etc. After the procedure I was told that I may have lost muscle control of my anus. He said it may have just been from the anesthesia that it was really relaxed. But if not he won't be able to due my colostomy reversal as I assume from what he was trying to get across to me. I cannot live like this anymore. I am so depressed with this stupid bag. I feel unclean and ugly all of the time. It is terrible. After all of my fighting and less than a week from the reversal date to be told it might not happen has totally destroyed me. Has anyone ever been through this or something similar or have any ideas or suggestions for me please don't hesitate to respond. TYIA