My Son has ulcerative colitis since age 13, he is 27 now. Last August he had emergency surgery and they had to remove half of his colon. He had a colostomy bag till Feb of this year. Even though he had a colostomy bag he still was going to the bathroom. In Feb they removed the rest of his colon and made the j pouch and reconnected in June. He still goes to the bathroom at least 11 times a day and can sit on the toilet for up to 3 hours at a time. His life his the bed and the toilet. He does take questian and metamucill but that doesn't seem to help. What type of food should he eat and how can he get his body accustom to not sitting on the toilet. He is very despressed and is on depression medicine and on anxity medicine. Are there any group to talk with. Thank you for your time.