girls well i came on here because i have seen some men on here and my friend adam told me it was a good website and that you girls are very helpful. I have had sex with my but this month we tried it a little bit different we are older and we like to try new things. Since I was her first she wants to see what else is new in the world. This month for some reason she was not into having sex but about less than 2 weeks ago we were having foreplay and well lets just say im a 1 2 3 guy which is embarassing for me. I was pointing upwards and we were both naked when i came i layed back and it went everywhere it was all over us which is embarassing again. We were both naked since we were having foreplay. She's telling me that she has been feeling sick with nausea all day for the past 2 or 3 days. Can she be pregnant? I am worried I am not really in a stable financial way to support both of them since i had a divorce and my ex-wife took mostly all my money. She also gave me head on friday which was saturday that she started with these symptoms i did not come inside her. I need an answer her period is due Nov.27 she said. When i came all over she had just finished he period. Why could she be having the nausea