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can you please fill me in..i want to know if i can be pregnant..because the day before my period i had intercouse and he inserted his semen i got my period for 5 days usually im kindof spotting on my 5 day and i was bleeding alot.actually through out my whole periold i was bleeding a whole lot unlike my normal periods. but on my 3rd and last day he also inserted his semen and the next day after my period..could there be a big possibly?? one of my friends boyfriends told me that its okay to ejaculated the the next three days of my period.but im still not trusting his answer. can you please fil me in :?


it depends on the womans cycle.

You are right to distrust your freinds advice: women with short cycles or irregular periods (especially if you're young) can get pregnant close to their period and even whilst they are on their period. there simply are no safe days. because you cant always predict when you are going to ovulate.

although you ovulate in the middle of your menstrual cycle, (usually about 14 days before your period begins)
sperm can live inside the womans body for around 5 days (depending on the environment), waiting for an egg to be released. which could well be when you ovulate.