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Okay so I have seen so many things about whether you can or can't get pregnant on you period. Whenever my boyfriend and I have had sex we usually do it around the time of my period and we use a condom.I ended up getting my period while I was hanging with him, but we still decided to do it. Well the condom broke and we didn't realize till after he came inside of me. I usually have a long menstral cycle and I still have it (I'm on my 4th day) and my cycles last either 7 or 8 days. Then there's the whole factor of how soon I can take a prgnancy test cause I want to nip this thing in the butt as soon as possible if anything happens...


To nip this thing in the butt, Plan B within 72 hours is your best option.

Yes you can get pregnant on your period.  Sperm can remain viable for up to about 5 days.  It all depends on when you ovulate.  Most women would ovulate between days 11-16 (28 day cycle).  If you had sex near the end of your period, it is possible.

If you miss your next period, then test.  Testing early can result in a false negative.  False positives are rare.  When you test, use your first morning urine, it is more concentrated and liable to show an earlier positive.  Follow all directions, especially times, carefully.  If it tests negative, and you still haven't had your period 7-10 days later, retest.  By then the hCG levels should be high enough to detect if you are pregnant.

Yes there are HPT's out now that claim you can test before you are due.  They are much more likely to result in false negatives.

Hope it helps.