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Hi this is embarassing but I really need to ask.

I'm in my ovulation period, like right in the middle of it, so supposedly when i'm the most fertile. my bf and i had sex today like 3 times within 2 hours. Why am i telling you this detail? Well because I am worried about dried semen or precum.
We always use protection, always. and even when he ejaculates he pulls out beforehand to do so and I always hold the ends to make sure it doesnt slip out.

Here's the problem.

We always wipe the semen off his penis and I wash my hands and use purel as a safety measure because during intercourse, I try to be the only one to touch him and he only touches me. That way we prevent ourselves from getting leftover semen inside me or any chances of STD or STI (even though we dont have any but we're paranoid people like that.) 

Anyways, I was feeling adventurous and we did it numerous times, 3 times in total. the problem is that once or twice to help him get it up, I'll touch his penis. But I'll feel somekind of liquid on my hand, but when I look there's nothing there. I imagine it was precum but it dried out quickly or something. Either way whatever it was, i'm worried that i got it all over his penis. same for dried semen. I'll have wiped my hand but i forgot to wash it or use purel in the midst of it. so i'll touch his penis in that state. 
I know that sperm cannot survive if exposed to air for long or if its dried out, but his penis was kind of moist even if we wiped it for some reason. I'm a little worried if while doing it, the condom might've slipped off a tiny bit or if when i touched his balls, it touched my vaginal liquid or anywhere near the opening and make me pregnant.

I'm really paranoid right now and i dont want to take the morning after pill because I want to get my period on time. I took it once and it made my period lighter so I got a paranoia attack. 

so could i get pregnant or should i rush to get the morning after pill?


The only way you are guaranteed to not get pregnant is by not having sex. You can get pregnant with a condom. You can get pregnant from pre-cum. I have experience with the second. Pre-cum does have sperm in it. I read that sperm can survive for about 48 hours.