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ok so me and my girl just had sex without a condom for the first time. I wacked off the night before and peed in the morning.It just happened but it was like we did it stopped did it again stopped then did it again stopped again and then we did it and i pulled out at least 3 seconds before i came in her.BUT before the fourth time i peed again. She is supposed to get her period by tommorow and if she does is she pregnant ? Even though i peed will see get pregnant ?

I hope to hear some relief if any PLEASE !


If you had sex a day or so before her expected period, i doubt that she is pregnant...but what is her cycle like? Is she regular with her periods? Each time you went back for more intercourse and kept pulling out, there will come a day when you get so carried away that you won't stop at all.
Talk to her about birth control. One of these days your going to find yourself in a jam.