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on january 30th i went to hang with my boyfriend and he fingered me but his penis wasnt inside of me can you get pregnant by that?


It depends. To become pregnant, you need a sperm to make it from the man into the woman, at a time when her egg is viable and implants.

When you say that he fingered you, does that mean that he was touching his naked penis as well, or just prior to fingering you?
What we're looking for is the transmission of any of that wet moisture that would emerge from the tip of his penis and be carroed by his finger toyour vagina.
As long as he DIDN'T TOUCH HIMSELF prior to touching or fingering your genitals, you are not going to be pregnant from this contact.

(However, depending on what other behaviors you've engaged in, wither with him or another male, you may become pregnant from THOSE actions.... if any.)

Your best bet to avoid this kind of worry is to use protection EVERY TIME with EVERY PARTNER.

Good luck.