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Me & my fiancee had unprotected sex on 8 days back. (He has not inserted penis till he get Sperm. After Sperm passes we cleaned that & had sex)  By this time i would have get my periods. But still i have not got that. Is there any control method to avoid get pregnant.?



Hi Dayanandakr,

By "not inserted penis till he get sperm" do you mean that he does not insert his penis into your vagina until after he ejaculates?

If so, you risk pregnancy.  You can not clean the sperm out of his urethra.  Just by insertion the sperm can be squeezed into your vagina.  Also, if there is ANY precum, it can also move sperm into you.

Normally you won't get pregnant from about 10 days before your period is due.  The egg is not normally viable by then, but, it can happen.

If you are late, take a home pregnancy test.  It would be early from the sex you had 8 days ago but if you had sex prior, there is a chance.  Be sure to use your first morning urine for best accuracy.

Good luck.