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I'm just gonna straight up tell you guys how it all happened. My gf and i started making out and things went from there. I started fingering her with my left hand. I then proceeded to eat her out. Afterwards, she started sucking me off for a couple of minutes. I know for a fact that I didn't cum but not sure if a bit of precum came out. After my gf sucked me off, i kind of jerked my penis with my left hand for like a minute, once again, I didn't cum. My penis was moist, but mostly because she used a lot of saliva. After all that, I started fingering her again, this time with my right hand. That went on for a couple of minutes and then we switched positions. I went underneath her underwear with my left but she stopped me from going any further. I then used my left hand to stimulate her clit outside her pants. We then stopped after that.

My question is, can my gf get pregnant from me touching her with my left hand? My left hand was the one that i used to jerk myself for a minute. I'm not completely sure if there was some precum on my penis, but i know for a fact I didn't fully ejaculate. Also, I'm not completely sure whether or not my left hand was dry or a bit wet. We're freaking out like crazy right now. Can someone please get back to me on this?


I'll be honest - a year ago almost the same thing happened with me and my boyfriend. I gave him a ha****b, he finished, we cuddled a bit, he fingered me. I didn't get pregnant. You should be fine. Best of luck.