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In today's society there is a greater risk of being mugged or attacked as many of us carry smartphones, tablets and other expensive devises. As females tend to be an "easier" target its important to understand some simple self defence techniques to use!

Why Women Are At Risk

It's an unfortunate common misconception that women are the weaker sex, and this is why they tend to be the prey of many attackers who are looking to steal money or possessions and possibly rape a victim. Self defense is important because statistics show that these types of crimes are increasing in all areas of the world in particular the USA and UK and a female aged between 21 and 30 is at a 25 percent risk of suffering a violent crime at some point. 
If you are defending yourself against an attacker, then self defense tactics are absolutely justified — however, unless you know what you are doing, fighting back can sometimes be more dangerous then, for example, allowing your purse to be snatched.

Preventing Violence

The most obvious self defense tip is prevention rather than cure. If a woman can take greater care of their own personal safety this can help to deter an attacker and avoid the situation all together. Some prevention methods are more logical than others, but try to use some of them to help decrease your risk of being a victim of a serious crime in the future. Although prevention is a must, it will not deter all potential criminals and therefore the self defense tips later in the article will be necessary if an attack happens. ​
Some simple ways to prevent or deter attackers in public are:
  • Travel In Groups: Although this is not always possible, you should when you can walk around in groups of two or three minimum as more often than not attackers are working alone looking for vulnerable people, therefore a group of women is a more difficult target than a lone woman — particularly at night. ​​
  • Be Aware of Surroundings: This sounds like a simple task, but many women who walk home or to a destination listen to music or look at their phones to "keep busy". This can cause an opportunistic attack as you are advertising you have expensive gadgets but also it distracts your attention from the people around you. In particular, when walking alone. Especially at night, you should only have one ear phone in if any so that you can hear people around you. If you keep both in you may miss hearing a person behind you or a car pulling up to the side. A distracted person is a much easier target than someone who looks aware of what is going on — and potentially being able to identify an attacker later on.
  • Carry An Alarm/Whistle: it is a sad fact that more women are carrying personal safety alarms due to the rise in violent crimes. A hand held alarm is easier than a whistle because your attacker could block you using it. The best advise is to carry the alarm in your hand when walking so you can alert it very quickly as soon as an attack or threat of an attack happens. Ninety percent of the time, an attacker quickly departs if an alarm is sounded because of the increased risk of getting caught. Even a suspected attack can be deterred by "accidentally" hitting the alarm button.
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