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So about 4 weeks ago my bf put his finger underneath my pants and underwear and touched my clit and around my clit for a few seconds he never put his finger in my vagina and I asked him if he had touched himself before me and he said that he didn't and if he accidentally did it would of been pre-cum that went through this underwear and through his pants and he accidentally touched the spot of his pants that was wet from the pre-cum before he went to reach under my pants and underwear. Is it possible that I'm pregnant or is my period just late it's been 2-3 weeks since I was supposed to have it and I have never really been regular. I'm in alot of pain like I'm about to or am on my period but there is no sign of blood and it's been like this for a week maybe two. Please help.


You haven't said much about what happened, but it seems very unlikely you would get pregnant from what you have said. However, actual dates would help as well as period/cycle data.

  1. What date did this happen?
  2. What dates did your last 6 periods start (or as many as you know)?
  3. What date did you expect your next period (and why)?