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Hello! :-D
Well,I was wondering if I am pregant. You see,my boyfriend and I were fooling around one day.At first,we were helping eachother masterbate. I was giving him a ha****b, and we has rubbing me...our pants were off,but our underwear was on.Eventually,I got wet and his penis felt kinda' wet too...I don't think he ejaculated,maybe he pre-cummed.I really don't know if he touched his penis when it was like that,but he then proceeded to finger me multiple times.And as the night grew closer,we ended up dry humping multiple times aswell.My underwear was wet,and his penis was rubbing up agianst it.I don't think he pre-cummed,he didn't tell me.Could his pre-cum impregnate me when he fingered me?How long does pre-cum exist outside of the body? %-)
Afterwards,I told him about what I was thinking [about me being scared he impregnated me] he said that i'm not going to get pregnant.But,i'm absolutely paranoid...though, I kinda' doubt that I am,i'm too young to be pregnant [my parents would flip].But,I need a second opinion.
My period does'nt start for another week or so.It's usually heavy for the first couple of days and lightens near the end,my breasts are sore and I have cramps.If my period symptoms are diffrent,am I pregnant?

Any nice answers,out there?I need some help and reassurence.


to be honest you probs were to parinoid and if ur on ur periods ur def wont be preggers xx