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hello i'm 16 years old and my boyfriend wanted to have anal sex so we tried it. I'm just worried if I could get pregnant. we don't do the  vaginal sex :)) - I still don't want to.

he did not used a condom but were both virgins. is the there any possibility I could get like STD????
he never "cumed" while we were doing anal sex so is it possible to get pregnant?
PS. we washed(with soap & feminine wash)  like every 5 mins after anal sex because it was quite painful and i felt like i had to poo (embarrassed) :|


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Hey there Rebecca,

The answer to your question is its slightly possible.

the only way someone can get pregnate from anal sex is if semen leaks out of the anus and runs into or onto the vagina. even then the risk is very very low.

the rectum/anus its self does NOT connect in anyway to the vagina or uterus. they are two totally differnt tubes. so pregnancy can NOT occur.

as for diseases. it is VERY important that a condom is ALWAYS worn durring anal sex. HIV Herpes and Hepatitis among others are all diseases that can be spread through anal sex. even if you are both virgings your anus/rectum/intestins are FULL of bacteria which could cause a potentially serious bladder, testicular, prostatic or kidney infection for your boyfriendd if he gets fecal matter (poo) on/in his urethra/penis. so its important for his sake that a condom is always worn.

finally it is very important to always use plenty of lubrication durring anal sex otherwise it will most likley result in pain and discomfort for both your and your bf. remember to relax and go slow as well to make things easier and less painful.

i hope this helps. let me know if you have any more questions or concernd