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Hey, I have a question. My girlfriend had tested positive for chlamydia so I went and got checked out then took a pee test, I also got this powder to stir in water, I never got a call back saying I was positive. So my girlfriend went back to the doctor and got pills, I had drunk my drink one day before she took her pill, which was a Monday, and her's on Tuesday. The coming week she began jerking me off and we engaged in anal sex. So my question is, since its been about a week since we both took the medicine and we engaged in ANAL sex instead of VAGINAL, can I still get infected with Chlamydia, even I didnt have vaginal sex with her???? She also bleed from the anal sex too. Please answer!!!!!


I just hope you used a condom because Chlamydia can affect anus too. If a partner has been infected with chlamydia, they should not engage in penetrative sex (vaginal, oral or anal) until you have returned to the clinic and been given the all-clear by the doctor.

It doesn't have to mean your girlfriend had it in her anus as well but you should have used a condom until she was sure she was clear.