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I am 15 years old. About five feet and eleven inches, I shave about once or twice a month, but only because the hairs are blonde and I have armpit hair legs hair and a solid amount of pubes, bit my penia has shown no signs of puberty and I have yet to ejaculate. Also, although I am pretty tall I have never had a real growth spurt an I am expected to grow some more.


Hi Guest,

You are definitely in puberty if you are shaving and have armpit and pubic hair.

Have you ever had a wet dream?  "Nocturnal emissions" are a way for your body to release "old" semen that has built up.  It's normal.  Usually you'd wake up with sticky shorts - often after an erotic dream.

Have you tried masturbation?  What happens?

4-5" would be about average for a 15 year old. 

Remember, don't compare yourself to others.  Everyone develops at different rates/times.