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Pubic hair is a secondary sexual characteristic present in both men and women. It usually appears at the beginning of the puberty and fills in completely by the early twenties. There are variations in the amount and distribution of pubic hair among men and women, and also among different persons of the same sex. Some people can naturally have a small amount of pubic hair, while others have a lot of it.

Pubic Hair And Sexuality

Until the past few decades, it was not a must to remove pubic hair even in women, but today, this has become a common practice even in men. Studies and literature reviews examining the effects of pubic hair on sexuality have noticed changing trends. A trimmed and shaved pubic area is apparently considered more attractive today to most people than it was before. It is probably due to the fact that it looks cleaner, but in fact, trimming and shaving of pubic skin carries certain risks, from ingrown hair problems to infections and cuts from razor blades. Most men report that they like the female pubic region to be nicely trimmed, but not shaved at all. Among women, some of them like a full male pubis, while others are more interested in fully shaved genitals. The bottom line is that it’s all a matter of personal preference.

How To Shave And Trim The Pubic Area

If you chose to trim the pubic area, there is not much concern, as you are not disturbing the hair follicle. A mild irritation might be present due to sharp hair tips after short trimming.

Shaving of the pubic area can produce much more complications than trimming. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly shave it in order to avoid unwanted complications. The shaving should be done in two steps. Before shaving, please apply some shaving foam or even better shaving gel. Then do the first shave in the direction of the hair growth, followed by a second shave in the direction opposite to the hair growth. After that, it would be good to strongly rub the shaved area with a clean towel in order to decrease a chance of ingrown hair. Do not use aftershave lotions containing alcohol, as they can be quite irritating and cause inflammation. Instead, use soft aftershave gels, not only right after shaving, but two-three times daily in order to maximally reduce skin irritation.

Complications Of Shaving The Pubic Area

The skin of the pubic area is very sensitive and it is easy to make cuts, especially if you do it by yourself. Cuts in the genital area, especially in the penis and labia regions can produce an intense bleeding, so you should be very careful. Use safe and disposable razors, especially designed to shave the pubic area. Ingrown hair can appear as a small itchy pimple and develop to a large, painful node which requires surgical treatment. Shaving razors should be used only once in order to prevent infection. The usual signs of infection include pain, redness of the skin, and swelling.

Another way of hair removal which can be applied to the pubic area, but hardly for the penile skin, is waxing. Waxing produces the lowest number of side effects and complications are very rare.

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