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Oct. 7,2008 husband had 1st cataract surgery in left eye, complicated with eye pressure, which 4 days later was releaved with 2 laser holes, followed 2 weeks later by 2nd cataract surgery, same eye, complications arose detached retina Nov. 28th (4th surgery same eye) As of 2/20/09 still cannot see other than shadows out of left eye. Can we expect recovery or is this all we can expect from cataract surgery's? Also he was on Flomax, but as per instructions went off for a week before surgery, but then told that Flomax not really a problem. Did doctors make errors or can we expect some hope? Thanks for any suggestions or information. Kathy E


Your husband's case sounds very upsetting indeed. I would have him see another cataract and retina specialist. It could be surgical error, or it could just be. There is always a chance of retinal issues with cataract surgery, along with other problems.

I would get a second opinion because it could get better, could not, could be error, could not. Sorry that this is no answer, only a specialist who sees your husband will be able to advise.

I wish you both good luck :)