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Hello, folks. My friend has been diagnosed with celiac syndrome. I know that this is linked to malapsorption due to hypersensitivity to gluten in food. However, my friend is not experiencing usual diarrhoea here, but vomiting. I would like to know what this means. I will appreciate all your replies. Thanks.


Hello there,

When it comes to the symptoms of Celiac disease you and your friend must be aware that every person is different and that one rule can’t be applied to everyone. First of all when it comes to this condition it is very important when it was diagnosed. This is important because sometimes early diagnosis can be really helpful in preventing some serious side effects of this condition and one can expect to live normal life, with strict diet of course.

Diagnosis which have been made later in life can be potentially dangerous because this condition, if left untreated for years, can cause damage of intestinal and this can leads to the cancer. I hope that your friend will manage to live with this condition.