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My son has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I know that he must be on strict diet and that are many restrictions. That is why I was hoping to find out some celiac recipes for desserts. If you don’t have one, you can recommend me some website where I can find it.


Hello carmina,

There are a number of websites that have recipes for desserts including cakes, cookies and pastries that are all gluten free and low in sugar.  Many dessrts and dessert ingredients can be bough at the Gluten Free Mall on the Internet.  Try there first and see if you can find everything that you need.  They have everything from pudding, pies, cakes, donuts and cookes for the making or for the buying.  This makes having desserts for a celiac person easy and affordable.  If your working, you might just want to buy the products out right.  Once you see the kinds of tectures they have and how they taste, you can branch out on your own and make whatever you like.  This is a good case of try before you really buy a wide range of ingredients.  I've tried a few of these products and found them to be good.  I particularly like pudding and I was amazaed at how good their are.  Hopefully, this will give you a good start and you'll be able to find more once you get started.  I found that the donuts were excellent as well and in fact you might like them better than donuts you've had with gluten in them.