I had 2 discs removed and a donor graft put in place. They also screwed a medtronic plate to stabalize my spine. I had cronic pain for over 8 years so the surgery was long overdue. I had the procedure 10 days ago and they sent me home with a low dose of percocet and valuim (30 pills)for muscle contractions. My scar is healing wonderfully and I am beginning to get back some of the feeling in my arms and face. After surgery they forgot to order pain meds during my hospital stay which the nurse had to jump through hoops to get. My metabolism works very quickly so any pain medication only lasts a short time and my body tries to rid itself of it. I understand the fear the doctors have of addiction to these sort of things but when I requested a refill of percocet (very low dose mind you) they refused and said after 10 days I should not have any pain . I have left many messages for my doctor, who I think did an excellent surgical job) but he has not returned my call and had his RA call me after about 5 calls from me. I just need to know that I am not crazy. My neck is killing me where they inserted the donor bones and I don't know why I need to suffer. Is it just me or is the doctor correct. I don't think a person heals well laying on the couch in agony. At least the percocet took the edge off so I could walk around and feel like a human being . I don't think I will get addicted in just a few weeks, but I am not a doctor. Please advise me as to the course of action I should take without offending anyone.

Hopefully Recovering