Nubian... I have had chronic pain for 16 years due to a spine injury. I had a cervical fusion in 2002, which was successful. For quite a few years now I have pain in my neck , muscle right below my neck on the left side. I have been using Voltaren Gel and it helped. I asked my pain mgmt. dr . if there is anything else I can do to help with the pain which feels like there is a knife stabbed in my shoulder blade 24 hrs. a day. He suggested steroid injections. Levels C 2-5. I had them done 13 days ago. The injections themselves were extremely painful and I am in so much worse pain that radiates in a wider area than before the injections including down my left arm. I do take Percocet 10/325 for my lumbar pain and cervical pain. I have been crying in bed from the severe pain due to having the injections. I also have had several epideral injections and facet blocks in my lumbar spine which also made the pain worse. I don't know if it is my body that is not accepting the steroid or what. I have heard of other people with the same injections that were successful. So that is all I know. I truly hope whatever you decide to do will be a success. CHRONIC PAIN IS EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had a lumbar surgery last year that wasn't successful . I refuse to EVER have any more injections or surgeries . We are all different and hopefully if you do get the injections they will help you. I wish you the very best !!!!!