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i am in cronic pain. i need my c3-4,c4-5,c5-6,andc6-7 to be fusied a 4 disc fusion and want to know if i should only do c3 thru c6 only 3 disc fusion?


Ideally, you should let your surgeon decide that. But nevertheless if given a choice it would depend on the nature of pathology. If you have a generalized weakness in the cervical spine, and multiple discs it still means different to different people.
Cause the PAIN may not be from all the discs. Normally, we take a look at the state of the structures at the time of the surgery and decide the number of discs to be fused. Chronic pain does not imply a widespread involvement. It just means refractory to conservative means of treatment. It could be one disc or all discs or maybe even no disc that is causing the problem with the problem being somewhere else.

Dr. Gauresh