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i had a baby in december and as most know, you just have to wait for your period to start. i had sex six weeks after childbirth and waiting another 4 weeks before starting to take a birth control pill. i started spotting the day after i started taking the pill and have continued to do so for the past 2 weeks. could it be possible that i was pregnant and i'm miscarrying or is bleeding typical when starting to take the pill after having a baby? just to clarify...i didn't have any bleeding until i started taking the pill. i did take 2 pregnancy tests the 2nd and 3rd day i was taking the pill.

any help would be great.

should i take another test?


IF you were pregnant or miscarrying, your pregnancy test would have showed a positive!

Your pattern of bleeding after having a baby will be wonky for about 4-8 months, that is normal.

Having a baby TOTALLY CHANGES your body, and your hormones are rapidly changing.

It is VERY COMMON to have abnormal bleeding when using birth control for the first few months, and it is especially common after childbirth.