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Hello,i have been advised by an accupuncture therapist to take xiao yao wan for stress.As i suffer from depression and anxiety attacts i would like to know if this tcm can be used in conjuncture with traditional depression medicine. It has been a long struggle for me to get to a stage where i can function on a day to day basis.That is if nothing stressful happens during the day so i am very hesitant to change medicines so can i take the two together.

thanks Col


Anxiety attacks can be difficult.  I assume you've done all the typical therapies and are currently taking an SSRI, meditation, regular exercise and have seen a psychologist to discuss stress management strategies.  If you haven't discussed these things with you doctor I suggest you do (they'll know more about your situation than I do).

Unfortunately adding new medications will likely alter your liver function, and change how well your current drugs work.  There is a lot of choice in evidence based drugs, and for a matched effect size they have less side effects than alternative therapies.  So asking about a different drug or dose may be beneficial.  Do not combine different drugs or combine drugs with alternative therapies unless told it's OK by a doctor.