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I am 16 year's old & I have been popping my knuckles for years. I need to know how I can stop it. I have started because I have anxiety and I get nervous, my fingers have started to hurt, and I have been shaking frequently. I would like to know how to stop this issue, please help. Do you have any advice, or ways?





It sounds like you have a form of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) Which is a linked to anxiety, nervousness, depression ect..

I suffered with depression & panic attacks which are sometimes severe. When i was a child around 6 years old i went from one habit to another like constant squinting & punching myself in my right side. My parents would tell me off but that would make me do it all the more.

I couldn't stand the feeling of certain material on my skin especially wool or anything with bobbles on it. I wouldn't touch anything sticky like lollies or toffee & the feeling on my hands would make me panic until i got to a basin to wash my hands. As i got older these compulsive thoughts to constantly repeat certain body movements got worse, & i took on more obsessions in my home like organizing cups & plates in the kitchen cupboards in a neat row. 

I was put on different anti-depressant medications when i was 17 but non of them worked until a doctor diagnosed me with OCD from looking at notes from a child psychiatrist report years before.

It controlled my life for years & i was put on a another anti-depressant called paroxetine (seroxat) these help control impulses, obsessions & habits in extreme cases & i felt better than i had done for years & stopped many of the habits that controlled my life.

Because you are so young i doubt the doctor would give you any anti-depressant drug even though it would definitely help your anxiety attacks but im sure they is other medications he could give you if not. I was put on a waiting list to have "cognitive behavioral therapy" with a psychologist. It was 6 years till i saw her but its the best thing i ever did as It changed my life & ive never suffered depression since & the OCD is almost non-existent nowadays.   Have you tried a herbal remedy called bach flower? Its in a small bottle with a dropper & you take 2 or 3 drops on your tongue & it helps calm anxiety & nervousness. I felt it helped me with my panic attacks & anxiety feelings by giving me a sense of calm. Some people take this just before an exam or driving test to help with tension & bad nerves. You can buy it from certain chemists or herbalists. You need to find alternative therapies in herbal form or practice yoga or meditation which helps your breathing stabilize & will help you relax & feel calm. Try other things before going to your doctor if none work. Cracking your bones in your knuckles will cause osteoporosis or arthritis eventually if you carry on doing this without seeking help. Another alternative is wearing splints on your wrists & hands at night & as much as possible during the day when you feel the urge to crack your knuckles.

A plastic splint will keep your knuckles covered up & keep them straight so you won't be able to create a full fist or bend your fingers fully but you can still pick things up & use your hands it just keeps them straight.  You can get them from a physiotherapist or your doctor. If you get numbness or can't move your fingers its because of the pressure you are putting on nerves which will be  trapped because of the trauma you are causing your knuckles from stretching tissue & ligaments in your hands. This is why you will  lack control over the movement of your fingers for a while. Good Luck with treatments & hope it gets sorted for you :-)


                                                                                             Regards Tracey.